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Shipping methods**

Shipping address

All orders confirmed by ciaomoto.it will be delivered with different transport companies depending on the type of product shipped and its destination to the delivery address given by the customer.

An e-mail confirming shipment and containing tracking link and code will be sent to the customer at the moment the package is picked up from our warehouses. If, at the time of delivery, the ordering party is not present at the specified address then the transport company will leave a notice and will contact the ordering party to arrange delivery. It is also possible to check delivery status following the instructions written in shipment-confirm email or contacting our customer-service at the address customercare@ciaomoto.it and receive information on the order (remember to write order number, name and address). It is not possible to inspect inside the package at the time of delivery. But whenever the Customer discovers abnormalities (box open or visibly damaged) he can reject delivery and specify the reason. He must then contact Ciaomoto.it Customer Care at the e-mail address customercare@ciaomoto.it to describe the reason for rejection. New Works Webtech Srl shall not be held liable for damages subsequently claimed by the Customer whenever the package was damaged during shipment but was accepted in any case given that order collection was certified to be whole.

This term is purely as an indication. No indemnity may be requested of New Works Webtech Srl in case of damages due to delivery delay, interruption, total or partial suspension. This is also valid in case of delays, stoppages or suspensions due to causes that may alter the procurement and distribution process such as: stoppage in work, industrial unrest, delays ascribable to suppliers, energy failures, transportation stoppage, etc..

When asked to our customer service, after sending the order, New Works Webtech Srl will give you an invoice for the order, sending it through e-mail or putting it inside the shipping according to art. 14 D.P.R. 445/2000. Financial data on the invoice will be the same as written by the Customer during the request. Delivery charges are to be paid by the Customer and are calculated when the order is made. The Customer shall pay for goods according to the terms available at the time of placement of the order.

The Customer is required to check, when the goods are delivered by the carrier, that packing is whole and undamaged. Eventuali danni devono essere immediatamente contestati al corriere che effettua la consegna. Una volta firmato il documento del corriere, il Cliente non potrà opporre alcuna contestazione circa le caratteristiche esteriori di quanto consegnato. Any damages must be immediately notified to the carrier who carried out the delivery. Once the Customer has signed the carrier's document he cannot place any claims about the exterior characteristics of what was delivered. Any problems incidental to the physical integrity, matching or completeness of the products received must be notified within 7 days of delivery according to the procedures envisaged in this document. The order shall be automatically cancelled in case of failure to collect goods stored in the carrier's warehouses within 5 working days because of the repeated impossibility of delivering to the address specified by the Customer when placing the order.

Shipping costs*

The shipping costs are those indicated in the checkout page when entering the city or province where the goods are to be shipped. At the discretion of Ciaomoto may be established flat rate shipping costs subject to a minimum order. The flat rate shipping costs are intended as a promotion on shipping costs. If you use a discount code during the purchase process that entitles you to promotional discounts on goods or if you purchase a product subject to a promotional discount, the promotion on shipping costs will not be applied as it cannot be combined with discounts on products.

Import duties

Shipments to countries outside the European Union area may be subject to customs charges that are established by the customs of the country of destination. For the countries mentioned, New Works Webtech Srl cannot predict the amount of these costs which are borne by the buyer and which must be paid upon delivery of the products, directly to the competent tax or customs authorities or to the courier in charge of delivery.
For purchases relating to vehicles only, the cost for shipments to Switzerland includes all costs for customs operations including duties. No further charges will be applied to the customer.

**invalid modes in case of vehicle purchase

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